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Friday, May 31, 2013
thanks so much to the designers who participated in this month's train! they're all so awesome!
please be sure to visit each one to drop a quick thanks for all their hard work. :)


Amy - Gimptastic Scraps
Becky - Becky's Creations
Brenda - Ditz Bitz
Jody - JIC Creations
Nette - Nette's NightOwl Works
Paula - Craftypoly
Pink - Pink's Poetic Scraps


Caroline Landrum said...

Copy of note sent to Amy@GimptasticScraps 6/2/2013 - Amy, I tried to download your part in the JRBT using the regular download and was unsuccessful (message said page not available). Then I tried to use the priority download with a membership in 4Shared which switched me to another program to open the file and then I started getting all sorts of messages about my browser being changed and such, so I stopped the download. I ran immediately ran my virus scan program in the "quick" mode and I don't appear to have downloaded a virus, but I am very afraid to start this download again. Can you help? I love the little fence in your part of the Lemonade Stand offer for the June train and I would love to have your part to work with. Your download page, or should I say 4Shared's download page is very confusing. If you are not careful you end up downloading the ILividsetup.exe. I've run into this with other blogtrain providers and I've come to hate 4Shared for this reason. Could you possibly just send me the zipped file?

Caroline Landrum

Amy&Leah said...

Hi Caroline,
I messaged you the zip file on Facebook. It will be in your "other" folder in your messages. Sorry for the 4shared issues :( I hope you enjoy the kit!!


R said...

Thank you for putting this blog train together. :) Pretty colors. :)


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