Monday, September 12, 2011

October Blogtrain - Jaggedy Lanterns

so I know its kinda late BUT there might be just enough people interested enough to hop on this month's train. the color palette is below.

> sign-ups are open until the 24th
> previews will be due the 28th
> blog will roll on October 1st

click the yahoo link in the menu bar above to join the yahoo group. once there, fill out the designer database info for the blog roll. make sure all the info is correct because I will use that when I send out links on the 30th.

once you're done with your preview, email it to the group with your blog link.
I think thats about it! :) have fun!


Hello & Welcome!

So this is the first blogtrain that I will be admin for. Im not really sure what Im getting myself into but I love to participate in blogtrains and some of the groups I was in, are falling to the way side. darn it, if real life is getting in the way of digi-scrapping! LOL

Anywho, if you don't already know me, you can call me Wy. I'm the scrapper over at DesignsbyLK. I picked January Rain after the song by David Gray. I love him & his music and it was featured in one of my favorite films, Serendipity. I tried different variations of several names but couldn't settle on one I thought was original. :)

For the blogtrain, I will choose a different color palette and theme. Sign-ups will be end on 25th of every month and previews due on the 28th or 29th (depending on how many days the month has) and will release the blogtrain on the 1st of the succeeding month.

so if you're interested in joining, please join the yahoo group HERE and all messages will be sent through there. If you need to email me off-list, you can email me at Change the group email settings so you control how much email comes into your inbox. I cannot anticipate the amount of mail that comes through the group.

Feel free to ask any questions and everyone is welcome to join.
:) Wy